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Our mission

We contribute to society through quality and creation.
We think quality and creation as the life of the manufacture.
We aim to be a company that is trusted by continual innovation and quality improrement.

Management of our company

We devote ourselves to making people and the earth friendly.
We respond to the needs of society and provide valuable products
that are highly safe and enviromentally friendly.

Our behavior

Mutual understanding and cooperation to challenge the future.
We always value human relationship and strive to achieve our goals.

Employee action guidelines

1.We act as a good social person respected from the world.
2.We comply with domestic and foreign laws and regulations and act according to company rules.
3.Each person learn to become professional with advanced technology and knowledge in each field.
4.We provide attractive products that contribute to social development.
5.We actively engage in protecting the global enviroment.
6.We do business in a fair and free competition.
7.We communicate smoothly with various stakeholders surrounding the company.
8.We respect the culture and customs around the world as a member of the international community and contribute to the development of the area.


Click here for ISO policy → hinshitsu.pdf (247KB)

Click here for enviromental policy → kankyo.pdf (256KB)